hi and welcome. my name is søren, im from 1976, and from a small town in the midle part of denmark. i spent the early years going to school and work at a farm, but after high school i got bored, and decided to move to the bigger part of denmark, copenhagen. my interest in guitars started when a co-worker showed me 3 chords on a guitar, and i went out and got one on my own. a few years after, some friends and i formed the band wheeland, an alternative punk/rock quartet. we didn't last for more than a few years though.

after wheeland, i've spend some time trying out different styles of music, but i tend to lean towards rock'n roll, shoegaze, country, blues & folk the most. to mention a few bands, we're talking black rebel motorcycle club, the black ryder, neil young, rolling stones, bob dylan, suede, radiohead, my bloody valentine, howlings bells and so on. i've been wroking on a lot of solo stuff since 2007, but i've been distracted several times by other bands. at the moment, my own stuff has most of my attention, and im working on an album recording. apart from guitar, i also play pedal steel and harmonica, instruments that will also be present on the album.

rock'n roll,


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